Disruptive Moments of Change


Disruptive moments of change generate opportunities for transformation. At CoLab, our economic democracy work is guided by our characteristic "Pivot Point" approach, which strices to produce shared wealth and collective well-being. Democratic engagement and urban sustainability with communities facing moments of disruptive change have opened the potential for new economic and societal possibilities. We've seen an increase in requests from people who are urgently combating rising inequality by reshaping their local economies. The goal? To produce shared wealth and collective well-being. 

During disruptive moments of change we seek planning interventions with our partners to hasten the convergence of democratic engagement, shared wealth creation, and sustainability. The goal is to tip the balance in communities from marginality and exclusion to well-being. We will continue learning from the insights of people fighting institutional failure at society's margins, and combating the persistent position of people of color at the bottom of the economy. CoLab and our community partners work together to reflect, sharpen, document, and share ideas. By privileging the perspectives of marginalized groups in our theory-building and strategy development, we set our work apartment from other forms of university engagement with communities.