CoLab staff and affiliates receive guidance and council from two leadership groups: the CoLab Faculty Council and the CoLab Community Advisory Board.


Faculty Council

The CoLab Faculty Council provides strategic counsel on CoLab’s mission, programs and activities and their integration within DUSP and SA&P. The Faculty Council meets six times per year to advise and provide critical feedback to CoLab staff, faculty affiliates, and fellows on overall program direction, major research themes, ways to strengthen practice-based scholarship, and ways to support faculty and student research related to CoLab’s mission. The Faculty Council helps guide CoLab in producing deliverables that complement the research and professional training goals of the faculty, Department, School and Institute. The Counsel supports CoLab’s efforts to strengthen Department commitment to:

  • Provide a space for students, faculty, and community practitioners to improve their practice through collaboration, reflection, and dialogue.
  • Produce the highest-quality practice-based research
  • Generate new knowledge that is practically relevant, and refine theories of community engagement, action research, and reflective practice.
  • Prepare a new cadre of planners with a commitment and capacity to lead innovation across multiple sectors and address situations of systemic failure.

See the Faculty Council Members.


Community Advisory Board

Convened in December 2010, the CoLab Community Advisory Board is comprised of pre-eminent community leaders, labor leaders, policy advocates, and activist scholars who meet once per year. The group engages in in-depth discussion with staff on selected projects, and provides critical guidance for those projects from many different disciplinary perspectives. Additionally, the overarching role of this group is to:

  • Draw links between activism and the academy
  • Help CoLab implement the Pivot Point framework
  • Expand CoLab’s learning network and engage expert practitioners in CoLab’s work
  • Provide a sounding board and accountability mechanism to CoLab staff and affiliates
  • Create a space for mutual reflection about the shared project of social transformation

See the Community Advisory Board Members.