Just Urban Economies

The Just Urban Economies program focuses on how communities can transform their local and regional economies to be more equitable, sustainable and democratic. Collaborating with community, labor, anchor institutions, businesses, and government partners, CoLab provides support for strategy formulation, education and training, tool development for assessment and analysis, and establishing diverse, cross-sector collaboratives.

Geographic Focus:

The program is primarily focused in the US, with the most concentrated activity in the Bronx, NY with the Bronx Cooperative Development Initiative (BCDI). Central Brooklyn is emerging as the next area for concentrated focus while Boston, Miami, and Los Angeles are possible areas for expansion. Alongside our place-based work, our Economic Democracy Project is a learning and prototyping network of community and worker-focused leaders and organizers from across the US, focused on advancing new models and collective strategies for building economic democracy and self-determination amongst low-wage workers and communities of color.