Graduate-Level Student Anti-Displacement Internship

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The opportunity: In collaboration with CoLab, Research Action Design (RAD), and community partners the

anti-displacement intern will work to identify priority areas for toolkit development. Priority areas

may include conducting research on alternative ownership models, surveying communities

about key areas of need, or performing a field scan of resident led anti-displacement

campaigns. Potential projects may include the following:

  • Developing case studies based on research about community driven strategies & tactics

to prevent displacement both domestically and abroad.

  • Compiling relevant research and resource guides for partners with interests in

community land trust site selection, governance, financing, and model building

  • Creating a resource sheet for identifying mission-aligned capital sources, generating and

vetting development scenarios, performing due diligence for development site(s)

  • Conducting research on innovative financing solutions and ownership models for

development of Community Land Trusts, other forms of deeply and permanently

affordable housing and other mechanisms for building shared wealth

See full position description.

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