Andre Pettigrew

Andre is a proven organizational leader and manager having extensive experience managing complex organizations and projects which have significant impact on public policy and economic development. In his current position with this nonprofit, Andre works to support regional communities in transforming their economies through “green” innovation, energy efficiency, capital formation, business growth and job creation. Previously, as the Executive Director of the Office of Economic Development for the City and County of Denver, Andrew launched the city’s “Greener Denver” economic development strategy in support of Denver’s climate action program under Mayor John Hickenlooper (now Governor of Colorado).

As a Mel King Fellow, Andre is interested in updating the definition of sustainable economic development and expanding its application in low-income, distressed communities where economic opportunity and job creation are the priorities. Generally he seeks to understand how policy changes at the state and federal levels can generate energy savings, economic opportunities and job creation within distressed low-income communities.

Climate Prosperity Project, Inc. (Washington DC) is a network of regions and business partners that believe that climate change represents an environmental imperative and an extraordinary economic development opportunity.