Andrew Kellar

Andrew is an entrepreneur and “early adopter” of renewable energy in the business world, which speaks to his passion to build businesses with socially and environmentally responsible aspects. In his current position with the Green Launching Pad, he is responsible for connecting start-up companies with this public-private collaboration, while mentoring entrepreneurs to ensure that they meet or exceed their goals. He also directs efforts to install large scale solar energy systems around New England at Revolution Energy and previously started the first all biofuels company on the East Coast.

As a Mel King Fellow, Andrew seeks to tackle specific issues such as the impact of current incentives (federal, state & utility) on the entrepreneurial community, and questioning how streamlining this “path to transition” can unite the business, academic and public entities.

The Green Launching Pad (New Hampshire) is a public and private sector initiative, between UNH, NH OEP & US Department of Energy that enables local start-ups to bring green solutions to market.