Rob Bennet

Rob’s work focuses at the intersection of city planning, real estate development, economic development and environmental policy. At PSI, Rob has helped shape green building and infrastructure strategies for catalytic development projects including the Brewery Blocks (Portland, OR), South Waterfront (Portland, OR), and 2010 Olympic Village (Vancouver, BC); creating the EcoDistricts Initiative, and leading the development of a clean economy roadmap (Climate Prosperity Greenprint) for the Portland metro. Previous work with the Clinton Climate Initiative included developing a Residential Energy Efficiency Pilot project and a Municipal Green Building Policy Capacity Building Framework.

As a Mel King Fellow, Rob looks forward to connecting to a group of practitioners and researchers with complementary expertise to flesh out concepts to deploy in the EcoDistrict pilot projects in Portland in the short term, and nationwide in the long term if the model can prove to be scaled.

Portland Sustainability Institute (Portland, Oregon) engages representatives from the business, higher education, non-profit and municipal sectors to drive initiatives for urban sustainability in the Portland area.