Shanna Ratner

Shanna’s is interested in a profoundly different paradigm of development that requires significant re-thinking of how to internalize externalities, discover synergistic solutions based on shared self interest, and avoid exploitation that leads to depreciation of resources over time. With Yellow Wood Associates, she works with clients on community economic development projects that recognize, preserve and grow community wealth in all forms: human, financial, social, ecological, and physical (infrastructure). And, as the managing grantee for the Ford Foundation’s Wealth Creation in Rural Communities initiative, Shana has been engaged in developing and testing hypotheses regarding how to create seven forms of wealth that stick in poor rural regions through intentional exploration and construction of inclusive value chains that improve livelihoods.

As a Mel King Fellow, Shana intends to further her thinking and practice with respect to wealth creation and livelihood development that benefits rural areas through regional economic linkages.

Yellow Wood Associates, Inc. (St. Albans, Vermont) is a consulting firm specializing in rural community economic development, each word means something special. Our interest in rural comes from a deeply held belief in the necessity of supporting people who work with and live close with the land, and empowering communities that live closest to our natural resources to be effective stewards of our shared resource heritage.