Katherine Mella


As Program Associate, Katherine is coordinating the development of a Community Health agenda and relevant prototypes, like the Bronx Healthy Buildings Program, with the Bronx Cooperative Development Initiative (BCDI) and partners. 

Katherine also supports a group of key Mel King Community Fellow alumni as they work together to strengthen their collaboration across sectors and grapple with how low-income people of color can shape the economy. Katherine will also assist with prototyping activities to further collaboration as well as developing and testing economic democracy models. Examples include an experimental financial product for union members in Massachusetts and a three-site project, which seeks to leverage the Affordable Care Act and emerging health reform initiatives to drive the connections between health, wealth, and resilience in California, New York, and Florida. 

Katherine earned her Bachelor’s degree from Brown University in Urban Studies and completed her Master’s in City Planning at MIT. Prior to earning her Master’s, she was a research assistant for a Cambridge-based entrepreneur working on projects across a variety of sectors, including energy and affordable housing.