Lawrence Barriner II

Lawrence is Program Director for Community Media at CoLab and Executive Editor of CoLab Radio. His work at CoLab includes communications, storytelling, narrative strategy, and using media and media platforms to advance economic democracy and self-determination with a focus on innovation from the margins.

Prior to coming to CoLab, Lawrence worked in the non-profit sector (with a brief stint in the private startup world) doing communications and strategy. His expertise in these areas includes implementation, facilitation, and teaching, and he has a penchant for bringing his whole self into work engagements and supporting others to do the same. He has consulted on a range of projects from city and regional food policy to digital storytelling to web and graphic design. In his non-CoLab time he runs a life coaching practice, teaches strategic storytelling workshops, writes, and listens to many podcasts. He is working towards a world that supports all people to imagine and achieve better, more whole futures for themselves and their loved ones.

Lawrence has a BS in Planning and a Master's in City Planning, both from MIT.