Natalia Mosquera, Inclusive Regional Development National Coordinator, Colombia


Natalia Mosquera is a social worker with a Masters in Urban Studies. She has worked in several areas of social research, specifically with Afro-Colombian and indigenous communities seeking to understand the complex formation of the Latin America region, from ethno-racial processes to building ideas and strategies for peace initiatives and territorial transformation. As a researcher, Natalia has engaged in the generation of frameworks that allow for analysis of the networks of activists in Afro-Colombian organizations, those who gained ethno-racial reforms around the multicultural and pluri-ethnic state through the constitution of 1991, looking through the connection between rural and urban process by a systemic-historical and local perspective. Natalia is a local consultant for MIT CoLab supporting the knowledge and network co-creation process, facilitating the exchange between local initiatives and MIT CoLab as well as coordinating local logistics in Colombia.