Juan Leyton

Juan Leyton was a human rights activist in his native Chile, before moving to the Boston area where he became a community organizer. For the past five years, Juan served as the Executive Director of Neighbor to Neighbor Mass –a statewide organization promoting grassroots policies, leadership development, coalition and electoral work. He also worked as a program officer for the Solidago Foundation, a national foundation invested in developing a progressive movement through funding strategies. In addition, Juan was the Executive Director of City Life/Vida Urbana, a grassroots organization based in Jamaica Plain working on anti-displacement strategies. Juan has worked with organizations around the country on issues like worker and immigrant rights, community and labor-union coalition, tax reform, corporate accountability and gentrification. Lastly, Juan was selected as a Barr Fellow by the Barr foundation, and he was 2011 Mel King Community Fellow in CoLab. Juan is currently dedicated to consulting on important social issues in Latin American and the USA.

Lawrence Barriner II