Alvaro Javier Arroyo Garcia

I was born in the rural area of the pacific region of Colombia. Where I have learned to value the biological diversity of the region, and the Afro-Colombian, and black communities cultural practices, which are connected to solidarity, the search of the equilibrium between individual and collective well being. Alone with the conservation of biodiversity through its sustainable use. In other words it’s conserved while used. Being open minded is a key aspect of my thinking stille. Given that we need to learn from other people, cultures and civilization that will allow us to improve, through complementing our knowledge without losing or overlooking our cultural and ancestral knowledge.

How does your current work relate to economic democracy:

Is related in that I am in the search for alternatives of economic institutions that allow to improve economic and productive processes, with the goal of generating more social and economic equality, mainly strengthening communities and groups that have being exploited and excluded. Currently I work in the strengthening of productive and economic alternatives for ethnic communities: Black, Afro Colombian, that inhabit the rural areas of the Colombian pacific region.