Milady Garces, IRD Local Coordinator, Buenaventura, Colombia


Milady Garcés is the Local Coordinator in Buenaventura, Colombia, for the Inclusive Regional Development program of MIT CoLab. She is an alum of IRD’s Community Innovation Lab 2016 in Colombia. Her experience has centered on strengthening the participation and visibility of local leaders, women, and youth in the Colombian Pacific. Garcés specializes in administrative and political sciences and has a background of experience in developing strategies for entrepreneurship and income generation within the cultural sector. She has a degree in Business Administration from Universidad del Valle and a Master's Degree in Government with an emphasis in Peace Building from Icesi University. Her work has focused on mapping, leveraging and connecting the cultural assets of the Colombian Pacífic with the goal of transforming socioeconomic conditions. Garcés has worked with business foundations, urban and rural communities, international institutions, and community councils.

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